People who are interested in the field of SEO agency Dubai or web development should have to first get the knowledge about it and then they have to get the hands on experience with the help of some free website builders because when you are a beginner and do not have money then you can easily practice on these website and some people even have their entire websites on these free web hosting but they cannot earn from there because search engines will not provide you the ads to put on your free website. You have to get the paid one. For practicing purpose you have to go for the free website and here is a guide for that:

There are a few good websites that will help you in creating your free website on them. These should be used only for the practicing purpose because they are not secure and that website can remove your entire data in seconds without even telling you about and they will never take your permission in this regard so you have to be careful and spend your energy at right place.

Once you signed up on any of these websites then you will be able to build your own website there and for that you will get the option to choose from the shopping or blogging website because then they will provide you the information according to the type of your website. You need to select blogging first because it is easier and you can understand in lesser time and after understanding that, you can move on to the shopping or more complex website because you will get the option of creating maximum two websites with one account so you have to avail this facility fully.

While you are having the experience of creating a website you have to play with the themes and get a few different colors because there you can customize your website in any way and if you know about coding then you can also do that in the back-end settings and get unique look of your website but always have the back up for your website because you never know when they will remove your website because you are using their hosting for free so they have every right to remove your website of digital marketing agency Dubai.