Benefits of playing beach volleyball

Volleyball is an excellent sport that not only provides you fun but also keeps you physically fit all the time. This is one of the best indoor sports, but beach volleyball is most famous in various countries. Beach volleyball brings people together and allows them to spend quality time with their loved ones. However, this sport requires physical strength, fitness, and core technical skills to play volleyball professionally.

There are plenty of benefits of playing beach volleyball, including physical fitness and health benefits. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits that you can enjoy by playing beach volleyball.

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Helps to burn 600 calories a day:

Beach volleyball is the best sport for fat people as it provides the opportunity to burn 600 calories in a day. You can lose significant weight within a couple of months while having fun. Researchers found that one hour of playing beach volleyball can reduce fat and burn a huge amount of calories, which is more than taking part in other physical activities like swimming, tennis, yoga, or soccer. That’s why most nutrients recommend beach volleyball for weight loss.

Playing on sand is good for overall health and fitness:

When you play volleyball on sand, it keeps you fit more effectively and improves overall health. Beach volleyball helps to improve your muscular strength as sand resists you during volleyball, and you have to force your legs to react instantly. This is a good way to increase agility, heart rate and strengthen foot and ankle muscles. Moreover, it also gives a proper shape and tone to your body.

Boost coordination and concentration:

In beach volleyball, you have to focus on hand-eye coordination to handle the movement of the ball.  There are lots of aspects are involved in beach volleyball like power-hits, blocking the ball, performing serves, and even perfect passing to other players. These things require concentration and coordination to improve your volleyball skills.

Reduce developing risk of diabetes and heart diseases:

One of the great health benefits of playing beach volleyball for kids are it reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. This sport requires not only coordination and concentration but also keeps you fit physically all the time. Beach volleyball keeps your entire body involved in this game, which strengthens your heart, muscles, and immune system. Moreover, this sport controls cholesterol level and impacts on your cardiovascular health positively.