Cakes from Around the World

People would travel around the world just to have the bite of the delicacy they love. Some foodies have made millions of bucks just by reviewing food from around the world and different cultures and nations also invite them just so that their food type can also get the hype. We have seen people getting cake delivery from different parts of the world as well. But different states and cultures have different kinds of cakes and they have a specialty that makes them different from the traditional cakes. If you are a cake fan who is always going for cake delivery online, then we suggest that you keep reading to know more about cakes from around the world.

United States: Nutty Caramel Ice Cream Cake: ice cream cakes have become a latest trend now. This is mostly famous in north Carolina because of its three tier cake. the top is full of nuts and the second layer is of vanilla ice cream, the third layer is of sponge cake made up of nuts flour and two more layers are repeated in the same manner.

Sweden: Swedish Cream Apple Rings: this is the most difficult kind of cake to make. As obvious from the name, this cake is somewhat fried and somewhat baked and that is why it is said to be difficult because it takes a lot of time. Swedish people make it with apple and coffee.

Paraguay: Dulce de Leche Cheese Cake: the love of cheese cake is endless and we at least can do anything just for a slice of it. This is mostly famous in Alabama and on the top of it, it has hot caramel and with a small layer of chocolate sponge cake.

France: Buche de Noel: France is famous for many delicacies, they have the world’s best pasta, pizza, lasagna and much more. But who knew that they are famous for desserts as well specially in the field of cakes! This one is a kind of cake which looks like a pastry roll. The roll has vanilla spread in it while rolled up with chocolate sponge cake and chocolate icing on the top.

England: Butter Pound Cake: all competition ends when the British come up with desserts with tea. And this cake looks like it has just been baked in heaven and sent on earth as it is garnished with fresh springs of rosemary and berries coated with crushed sugar.

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