Famous drinks of Indian fine dining restaurants

There are some very famous drinks that the Indian fine dining restaurants in Dubai serve. Read about them in the following article and have the one you like the most.

  • Lassi: Lassi is basically a drink made from yogurt which is kind of sweet. It is made when the yogurt is thinned out either by using water or by using milk and later it is sweetened so additional flavor can be added to it. If you want to make lassi a bit heavier and rich then you can do so by adding cream. Various flavors of lassi can be made by putting in different fruits, extra flavors, etc. For instance you can add strawberries or even mango or the fruit you like more. Lassi is considered as a chilling, healthy and an energizing drink especially when the weather is hot.
  • Chai: Tea which is traditionally called chai in India. Chai is made when you add some quantity of milk and some quantity of water in a kettle and cook it. You then put in sugar so as to make the chai sweet and black tea is also added. The amount of sugar depends on the person drinking the chai. Some people like to have more amount of sugar because they like the chai sweeter. On the other hand, some people want less sweetened chai.
  • Chas: A bit spicy and salty drink of butter milk is mostly enjoyed in hot weathers since it satisfies the thirst. Chas is a drink of Rajasthan, India. When people are done eating their food, they take chas because since cumin, salt and mint is added in to it and all these items are good for a person’s digestion.
  • Falooda: Falooda is a sweet and delightful drink which is quite famous in Delhi and Punjab of India. Falooda is basically a mixture of items like milk, ice cream, cubes of jelly, syrup of rose, etc. In order to make Falooda tastier, people also add basil seeds in it. After adding basil seeds, Falooda becomes quite nutritious. So, if the weather in your city is hot then you should go and have Falooda. It will also help you in your digestion.

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