Questions to ask before you hire someone to film aerial images

The value of drone filming continues to grow and hiring the best Dubai drone filming company to film aerial images for you is a great way to see things in a new perspective. Before you do with hiring anyone, you need to ask a few questions and gather some information.

How experienced they are?

Not everyone who has a website and offers drone filming services really has the experience you need. You need to verify their past projects they have completed and how happy their customers were with the outcome. Ask the provider how long they have been associated with this type of service.

Inquire about their experience on filming and flying the drones. They should be very confident in the movements of the drones and camera work.

What equipment do they possess?

Never assume that anyone offering drone filming has got an excellent equipment to work with. Ask the company what they have in place so that you can spend some time conducting your own research. They probably don’t have to possess the newest equipment available to offer you outstanding services; however, you need to make sure it isn’t so outdated that it won’t allow getting good results.

Which file format do they offer?

Ascertain that the file format they offer for the work completed is something you can use having no compatibility issues. If they have a file format that you can’t use, ask them about conversion options before you proceed with the work. No one would want to end up with filmed images they can’t access!

How much time would be required?

Ask about the time they would take to get out there and create the film, edit it, and get you the end results. You might have a short span of time frame to complete the work so you can’t delay getting your hands on them.

Do they value your needs?

Although they are the experts, they should be listening to your needs. Share information with them, answer questions, and make sure that you both are on the same page before you proceed with the work.

Safety and Insurance

Among the many drone companies in Dubai, work with a filming provider with safety measures in place. They need to avoid taking risks that could cause damage to structures or harm to people. Select a provider who has insurance coverage as it offers more protection against several issues.