Savoring Turkish cuisine

 This article will help you find exciting and flavorful meals yet low in cost, while you’re on your vacation in Turkey or you are looking for best Turkish restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

When you visit Turkey, eat as the Turks eat and have a culinary experience like never before. Doing so will save you some money as well as increase your understanding of the country as the Turkish cuisine is a major part of the culture. Click now to find out more.

While in Turkey for a vacation, allow your exploration of Turkish foods be an adventure. When you are eating out, don’t stick to the typical foods you already consume everywhere you go. Instead of a having a hamburger, try out the Turkish version of fast food: the world-famous kebab.

Apart from the favored kebab, try other fast foods like the peynirli tost (cheese toast), kasarli pide (Turkish cheese pizza), lamacun (thin meat pizza), simit (hard bagel with sesame seeds), acma (soft bagel) and ayran (a salty yogurt drink which is a ‘meal-on-a-run’).

No matter you are staying in a hotel or somewhere else in Turkey, you may serve yourself with a typical Turkish breakfast by making a plate of fresh bread, putting in some sliced cheese and tomato slices, olives & cucumbers then honey and you will be beginning a new day like a real Turk. The best thing about this breakfast is that all of the ingredients used are always available at the local store at a corner, merely a walk in the clouds away.

When you are out to have a sit-down dinner, a restaurant that serves Turkish entrées or mezes is the right option. Turks typically enjoy lengthy meals when dining out and order many mezes; you may do that too. Accustomed Turkish dishes include pilaf (rice and bulgur), manti (meat ravioli), gozleme (crepes with several fillings), borek (thin pastries that surround cheese, minced meat, spinach or potatoes) and kofte (minced meat balls, served with different ingredients or a sauce). The world famous Turkish deserts usually include baklava, kadayif, helva, and dondurma (the Turkish ice cream).

Do not waste time and money like most visitors to Turkey who would spend their meal times at Western food chains which they already have at home missing out on a genuine Turkish experience. It is therefore better to avoid running to Starbucks when you need a caffeine fix, instead try heading to a local teahouse and experience the authentic Turkey.