Things to consider before the app localization

Over the past few years, localization services in Dubai are playing a vital role to appeal international target market for app owners. The main purpose of app localization is to make your app more functional and user-friendly for global users by providing them translation facilities in their native language. These app localization services focus on cultural rules, national and currency differences, and other aspects that attract people of particular areas.

The majority of consumers consider buying products or services that have detailed information about the product in their native language. App localization allows you to customize your app in other languages as this helps to reach more people on the internet and generate more revenue. However, there are many things that you need to consider before app localization.

Focus on most profitable regions:

One of the primary factors that you should consider before app localization is to focus on the most profitable regions or languages in the digital world. Here are languages that are commonly used on the internet like

  • English- higher than 25%
  • Chinese- This language comes after English and at least have 20 %
  • Spanish- This language is under 10%
  • Arabic- This is one of the most difficult languages to translate, but it comes under 5%
  • Portuguese- Above 4%

These five languages are used commonly on digital apps.

Find certified and trusted translators for app localizing:

There is no doubt that Google translators are the best translation tool, but they cannot help you with app localizing. Sometimes, your accent or speaking structure doesn’t match with the language or region that you are trying to localize your app. Therefore, hiring reliable translation services is a good choice for your app. So make sure to find certified and trusted translators near you.

Consider cultural differences:

Before making your app localization, another factor that you should take into consideration is cultural differences.  Every country has different cultures and traditions, so it is your responsibility to understand the cultural differences and traditions. Your translator should have adequate experience and capacity to manage these differences.

Use a safe & secure web host:

As an app owner, make sure to find the web host that ensures the safety and security of your app. If you have a popular app, there is a high risk of scamming and threats to your app. However, by hiring a reliable web host, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

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