Facts About Doors

Can someone really imagine a life without doors? We all literally we feeling very naked all the time. Like people watching us while we are doing our business in the bathrooms and while we are eating and sleeping or changing clothes. There was a time when people used to live in caves and there were no doors but at that time, there was shame as well. people did not know that they had to hide their private parts in order to cover themselves. But then the civilization came into existence and people started to feel that they should cover not only themselves but also their homes as well.

Now there are different types of doors and people invest a lot of money on doors just so that their house gives a very strong and good image. You must have seen beautiful and amazing looking doors of the hotels and restaurants and they have that because they want the people to feel royally. If you are about to build a home and you want to have an idea of things about doors and you want to be creative but don’t know how to think of doors differently then we suggest that you read some of our facts on doors and you will know about sliding glass doors and frame shop in Dubai, so, keep reading to know more;

Doors can save you money: we all know that wood is expensive and the climate is changing a lot and that is only happening because we are cutting a lot of trees and that is why the glass doors and the doors that have solar panel on it, they save you a lot of money and they are good for the climate as well. there are specific glass doors that help you save electricity.

Janus: this is the name of a Roman god who was the god of ending and beginning, doors and transitions and to honor this god, the Roman used to build their doors in a specific way.

January: according to the ancient legends, this was the name of the god who was also the god of beginning and ending and the doors.

Doors and dreams: doors in dreams are referred as an opportunity to avail new chances and that is why they say one door closes and another opens.